iPhone: mission failed

Written in 11th July and posted today because I wasn’t in the mood …

Today was an special day, something that was to be rememberd as the day when most people were to achieve their dream, the new cutting-edge iPhone from Apple, but there was a problem that clouded the magnificent day, it’s name is Telefonica.

I woke up with the intention to acquire a new shiny iPhone, I grabbed my car and went to a near village to meet a friend of mine. Cujo77’s intention was slightly different from mine, he wanted to buy the white iPhone whereas I wanted the black one, but we had a common purpose anyway.

Both of us jumped into the car at 7am, more or less, and drove to Sabadell, where we were supposed to be the first in El Corte Inglés’s queue. There was absolutely no-one in the street, so we decided to go to a more crowded place and share our “freakism” with the rest of the apple fans, and the chosen place was Plaça Catalunya in the middle of Barcelona.

We reached our new queue, there were just a few people in there so we agreed to stay because it seemed that we were to get our phones and it was about 8 in the morning but … the truth was … well, you’ll see.  We queued till 10 o’clock, when the doors were supposed to open, chatting with the other apple fans and playing videogames, my friend even got to be interviewed for Catalunya Radio! We saw something like 15 people in front of us and about 200 behind, we were fortunate! As the doors opened, everyone cheered and people who weren’t in the queue before, met their friends in front of us, forming a total of 27 people in front of us … no worries, there should be at least 40 phones or more! … optimist … People started entering and getting their tickets and as we tried to get the 28th ticket a woman approached and said “There are no more iPhones left, if you wish to receive more info about near shipments, you can give me your phone number” (a call I still haven’t received today)

A camera from Telecinco recorded my friend’s face while she was saying all that crap and later interviewed him, tough he received no iPhone in exchange. We ran to other places were we knew it would be sold, but none of them had a clue when they would receive the shipment …

In conclusion, two weeks later I bought a Nokia E51 and I love it!


Un pensamiento en “iPhone: mission failed

  1. Sachiel dice:

    You were too nice person allowing all these b*stards to pass you in the queue. I would’t have allowed them 😛


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